//How to rasie Silkworms?how to get fine quality cocoons?
How to rasie Silkworms?how to get fine quality cocoons?2018-11-02T16:20:31+00:00

Silkworms Eggs,photo show you 1 bag silkworms,one bag have 25,000 pcs silk worms.

When get silkworms,we need confirm their place no any smells and keep temperature in 20 degree and 25 degree,keep clean and humidity(not very dry)

When silk worms just birth,just like baby,we need cut mulberry leaves,make it small,easily to bite.

Also pay attention to make fresh and delicate leaves.

After 2rd ecdysis,silkworms start eat lots of leaves,one day,need 3-4 times.Keep their living place clean,otherwise,they will sick.If one silkworm sick,maybe all will be dying..Be carefully to take care of them.

After 5rd ecdysis,silkworms start big changes,looks like jade,it is transparents and shiny.Now preparing their new house,silkworms began to silking,be cocoons.

In May,the temperature of whole month is around 20 degree and 25 degree,very suitable for silkworms alive.

Our Silkworms living house

Silkworms whole Life