//Public Email: kill silkworms or let it be butterfly?
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Dear Madam,

Thank you for contacting us.Here we are writing a public letter to let you and others to know the all details.Because of Public letter,to protect your private information,we will not write your name,hope you can understand.

Let’s clear your questions:To get silk fiber,you guys kill silkworms or let it be butterfly?

The Whole life of a silkworm is: the silkworm eggs evolved into larvae, the larvae evolved into adult silkworms, the adult silkworms become silk cocoons.After 4 to 5 days, the silkworms evolved into silkworm chrysalis in the cocoons. After 12 days to 15 days, the silkworm chrysalis began to soften, and the cocoons broke through the moths. over? No. After three to four hours of mating, the male moth will die immediately. Female moths will slowly die after giving birth.

The normal process of silk reeling is to collect fresh cocoons from farmers, then choose cocoons, boiled etc. If the output is high and the quantity is large, the cocoon will be arranged to dry first, so that the cocoon will not break out.

Here, you maybe think that we are cruel? Kill an innocent life?

Calm Down,Keep Reading.

What will be happened If silkworms cocoons become moths? The cocoons can’t be used,No fabric,No filling,No beauty cocoons,No silk mask….All the silk products you know will be disappeared so far. When the silkworm cocoon becomes a moth, it will bite the cocoon, the silk is be broken, and the cocoon is dirty (the urine and stool). Animal humanitarian death is more about a milder death. The silkworm turns into silkworm chrysalis until it becomes a moth, which belongs to the dormant period. In the so-called dormant period, sleep-like does not eat or move, there should be no better way than death in the state of suspended animation.

When does the silkworm turn into a silkworm chrysalis? Until the end of spinning silk . A Poet,Li Shangyin, the Tang Dynasty of China,have a poem “WU TI”:Chun Can Dao Si Si Fang Jin,La Ju Cheng Hui Lei Shi Gan. The translation of this first sentence into English is that the silkworms are spinning silk until die.This poem descripe the 1st half life of the silkworm. Chen Jiru of the Ming Dynasty said:Gu Ren Shi Dao Er Ji Xian Se,Yi Bo Er Ji Xian Can.The 2nd sentence says that it is necessary to hold a memorial ceremony for silkworm before wearing silk.

Today, we enjoy the benefits of silk. Gratefulness is the best reward for silkworms.

The last,butterfly?Actually silkworm chrysalis evolved into moths,the little moths looks like butterfly,but not.

Madam,thank you very much for your letter and let us have the opportunity to introduce you silkworms and silk. In fact,these problems are often received in these years. We All welcome your questions in the future.

We hope to promote the silk culture and let the world know more about China.

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