//How many kinds of Silkworms?What is called Mulberry Silk fabric?
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Silk cocoons

How many kinds of Silkworms?What is called Mulberry Silk fabric?

Bombyx mori are insects of the order Lepidoptera. Bombyx mori are the main source of raw materials for silk. Bombyx mori are divided into silkworms and wild silkworms.

Silkworm is mulberry silkworm, and the main food is mulberry.
High-quality silk yarns are made of fabrics such as Charmeuse silk fabric, stretch Silk fabric and Habotai etc.
Low-quality mulberry silk, which is spun into yarn, is made into Spun silk fabric.

Long fiber: Grade6A, Grade5A, Grade4A, Grade3A, Grade2A
Short fiber

The grades judged by each factory are inconsistent. Never judge the quality of fabrics and fillings according to grades that the supplier says.

Below are wild cocoons:

Antheraea pernyi: Cocoons we called Tussah Silk
High-quality tussah silk can also be twisted, and the fabric is made into crepe.
Low-quality tussah silk, which is spun into yarn and made into a silk fabric.
Quilt: Tussah silk filling

Samia cynthia ricini: one of the economic insects of the silkworm crusted with ramie silkworm leaves as a foodstuff.
The cocoons can not be twisted, only as spun silk fabric’s raw material.

Cassava silkworm: When theSamia cynthia ricini feeds cassava leaves, called Cassava silkworm

Cercis chinensis Bunge ‘s silkworm: When theSamia cynthia ricini feeds Cercis chinensis Bunge’s leaves,called Cercis chinensis Bunge’s silkworm

Antheraea yamamai Guerin-Meneville: The cocoons are green, can be silky, silky and soft, can maintain natural green color without dyeing, and has a unique luster. Woven into silk, the color is bright and beautiful, and it is a high-grade silk fabric.

Antheraea Assama:
The cocoons are golden yellow and can be twisted. The silky toughness has amber luster, so it is called “amber silkworm”, and its fabric is used to make expensive clothes.

Eriogyna(Saturnia)pyretoum Westwood
Also can be reeling silk,but very small,only China have.

Dictyoploca japonicaMoore
Can be Spun silk raw material, and the silk is excellent,also can be removed from the mature silkworm belly, soaked in acid and elongated for fishing wire or medical wire.

Philosamia cyntia Walker et Fdlker
Generally, the silk is woven, and the woven silk is called crepe.

Attacus atlas
Can be spun silk, strong stretch.

Actias selene Hubner
Mature silkworms are crusted between the leaves, large in shape, dark brown, and can be twisted more than 300m.

‘Tiger’ Silkworm
A kind of silkworm, whose silkworm grows up, the body will be covered with black stripes. The tiger silkworm is often called “the tiger silkworm” and has a tendency to attack. It will attack the mulberry silkworm (ant silkworm). Some tiger silkworms will eat the silkworm.

The most widely used silkworms today are mulberry silk and tussah silk.

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