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YUNXIU Textile,a professional Silk home textiles supplier which is integrating R&D, design and production.From selecting cocoons to weaving,fabric to finished products, we carefully select every step.

We produce silk series products with an annual output of about 700,000 pieces. From cutting fabric to packaging, each product is repeatedly inspections to ensure that consumers get the most satisfied products. Any products can be past testing like ITS,SGS etc.The product series is as follows:
Silk Quilt ;Silk Comforter;Silk pillow
Silk Bedding sets(silk duvet cover,silk fitted sheet, silk flat sheet silk pillowcase)
Silk pillowcase; Silk Sleeping hair wrapping;Silk Eye mask;Silk Sleeping sac
Silk hair headbands; Silk scrunchies
Silk slippers;Silk Scarf;Silk Pajamas;Silk fabric

Xuzhou,one of China’s silk home textile bases.Most our workers are raising silkworms when they are young, growing up weaving fabric or making finished products.Everyone has a deep friendship with the silkworms.Our craftsmanship has been passed down from generation to generation. After years of hard work, each of us has a deep understanding of craftsmanship, details and quality. There is a saying in China that to be a craftsman,not only a businessman.

Today, the combination of craftsmanship and international equipment and technology has spurred our products to be of higher quality. Green, Natural, Health is our basic requirement. Promoting silk culture and letting the world fall in love with silk is our pursuit.